September 27, 2009

The garden of earthly delights...

My apologies to those experiencing the sensation of neglectful unenthusiasm. It has indeed been a while since our last post, but I can assure you our kitchen absence will not last much longer. While I could put it down to journeying through an introspective search for meaning following our utter decimation at the hands of the "league of geniuses", quite frankly we're not that sensitive, we just had other things to do. And by other things to do, I mean this...

A friend suggested we start a garden together. They had the space...

It just needed a little work.

So we made a start

Set up a few temporary beds

Did a little more

Constructed a green mountain (which, by the way, is now over three times the size)

Finished clearing the main bed

Composted and mulched in preparation for our vegetable patch

Cleared the side garden for our berries

And set up our seed trays with a delightful array of potential produce

Not a bad 4-5 days manual labour for us two little ladies.

There is still much to be done, and although we are most weary, we are immensely satisfied with our progress. The borage and dill are already well on their way, and this rather unpleasant cold snap - as is the want of a fickle Melbourne spring - has seen the brassicas shy through. Anticipation surrounds the broccoli, romanesco and purple cauliflower, and we will soon be sowing many a variety of pea and bean. Finally getting our vegie patch up and running is most exciting indeed, but the prospect of soon being able to cook with our own produce is positively thrilling.

Let's just hope we're sufficiently skilled to be able to share some of it with you.

In the meantime, next weekend should see us return to the kitchen and once again have some tasty treats heading your way...

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pinknantucket said...

Egad!! Lookit!! Hey, are you going to turn "Green Mountain" into a theme park? With rides?