November 1, 2009

Guest appearances...

Ok, first things first… Happy Halloween!
All right, so I know we don’t really do this here - being in the opposite season and all - but the other day Marky Marc got in some delightful looking pumpkins, I happened to comment on their appropriateness as rather grand Jack o' lanterns, and apparently these days that’s enough to sign you up for the gig. So…

I was perhaps disproportionally excited about my first attempt at gourd carving, but this paled into insignificance in the face of the absolute giddiness being reserved for our latest baking occasion. You see, this all Hallows’ eve we were hosting a guest master baker, and our culinary caller was none other than the infamous Mother Yow.

Spending a day with Family Yow is indeed an experience for a small family girl like myself, but when one of the first things you hear is “well essentially it’s just caramelised pork…” you know it’s going to be a good day.
We spent the day bidding Mothers’ wishes, performing all manner of kitchen handy tasks and picking up many a snippet of information. I had an exceptionally splendid time and am genuinely in awe of Mother Yow’s gastronomic talents. Attempts to explain how divine dinner was would quite frankly not do her justice, and if you thought we over-did things… well… Admittedly some additional guests were unable to eventuate, but the amount of food generated by that little lady in such a small kitchen on a sweatingly hot day was simply phenomenal. For the record, there were:
Pork and prawn dumplings

Pork hock with steamed buns and pickled carrots and cucumber

Beef rendang with steamed rice

Vegetable rice noodles with egg and Chinese sausage

Pork and radish with bean curd

And I was so thoroughly overwhelmed by the whole experience that I didn’t even manage to get photos of the sticky pork ribs or delicious steamed greens.

For dessert were the utterly delectable mango puddings

And as if that weren’t enough, we also managed our spectacular French lemon cream tart with Italian meringue. We have been working through various adaptations of this extraordinary tart (going Swiss with this iteration's meringue), as it is my contention that, when perfect, it will have the power to woo any human being to your bidding, and even perpetuate attaining world domination. Evidently I am yet to succeed on either front, but I did manage to score highly on the critical scoresheet of Mr Yow, missing an 11/10 opportunity for taking over the world by a whisker of refrigerator congestion.

But it is only fair that the power of the tart was not fully executed on this occasion, as the day truly belonged to Mother Yow and her unparalleled kitchen talents. Quite simply, she is amazing, and should you ever have the opportunity to share in one of her spectacular feasts, take it in a heartbeat. You will not regret it.
Thank you ever so much, Mother Yow. It was an honour, a privilege, and an absolute pleasure.


pinknantucket said...

She can make mango puddings?? I'm currently making that noise Homer makes. So I don't suppose you wrote any little notes down on how she did it...

Miss Emily said...

Never fear, Miss Alice. Pudding recipe has already been discussed and will be forwarded to you upon acquisition. And it's so simple even we cads can manage it!

helen said...

Thank you Emily for a wonderful day.Those pork dumplings looked perfect for a first will be shrimp dumplings with, dare I say it.... gyoza!

It has been my pleasure and priviledge to have the company of 3 lovely young ladies...
The lemon cream tart is definitely in the running for world domination, never mind the refrigerator congestion!!