December 30, 2009

At last, Christmas treats!...

At last indeed!

Yes, my friends, the time has finally come to divulge what went on in the kitchens of Team Pretty Bake this merry festive season. I am ever so sorry to have kept you waiting, and so to spare any further endurance of anticipation, and in the interests of exhaustion on my behalf, I will simply present what may or may not be in your TPB Christmas hamper this year, should you be so lucky…
Apricot jam, sweet cherry jam, or green mango chutney (sexy hot!)

(In either Ottolenghi or Traveler’s iterations)

(A Spanish classic featuring Mr Peter’s gorgeous aniseeds and D & B’s punchy and thoroughly awesome olive oil. And yes, behold the wafer mountain, I am indeed the biscuit queen.)

(French olive biscuits made with Coriole’s extraordinary salt-cured olives in a crazy mix of savoury-sweet.)

Peppermint bark (woof!)

(Special thanks to A for a sugary rescue; and my thoughts are with the young lass who haplessly incurred the wrath of Miss Rose. I can fully appreciate that having to ask what kind of candy store doesn’t have candy canes at Christmas time will prompt a certain little lady to crack it in the shops like a crazy woman – I just wish I’d been there to see it!)

…and for a select baking few, our most precious and highly prized vanilla extract (October 2008 vintage)

All packaged up in a cute little box and gifted with love. Why we don’t market these…

Despite the late nights and bouts of lucidity brought on by continued sleep deprivation (no, wait, hang on, that’s not me going crazy, I am being serenaded with the Gummi bears theme song… oh dear!), we did indeed have ‘magic times’ (thanks mum!) and were really happy with both our products and their presentation. I just hope you were too…
And with that I think all that is left is to say thank you, and to belatedly wish you the merriest of Christmases, and the happiest of New Year’s,
With all our love,
x Miss Emily & Miss Rose

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pinknantucket said...

I have eaten most of mine already. And I think I'll have granola for dinner. YUMMMM. Thanks, Team Pretty Bake!