January 25, 2010

Great minds...

The reason Miss Rose and I are such good friends, is that despite being reasonably different personalities, we do tend to think alike. And so when she said, “I got you something for Christmas. It’s awesome, but it’s a little selfish on my part”, I wasn’t that bothered. I knew it was going to be good. And I wasn’t wrong:
all good things in life should come with ice cream attachments
I suspect that when she gave it to me, she was hoping I might do something like this:

we all scream…

Seems she knows me too well.

Lucky her.
Naturally I thought it best to begin with Miss Rose’s greatest love, and although it wasn’t quite perfect and will require some tweaking with regards to freeze temperatures in future, this glace caramel-buerre-salé was rich, gorgeous, and devilishly delicious:

glace caramel-buerre-salé
However, in the interests of proper scientific rigour, it seemed only reasonable to try a few other methods while I was at it. This lime mascarpone sorbet was stunning with its luscious creamy texture and bracing, zesty tang (and coupled with some freshly-sliced mango, oh my!):

lime mascarpone sorbet
But then… well… be still my beating heart! Miss Rose can have all the salted butter caramel she likes, because this, my friends, is heaven:

pink grapefruit sorbet

Beautiful, refreshing, and exquisitely good, this was the standout for me, and should be added to everyone’s “foods with which to woo” lists post-haste, as it is excellent to the point of being ridiculous.

So at the end of the day I was really rather pleased with my first run of ices, and ever so grateful to Miss Rose for gifting me with the opportunity. I do believe this is going to be quite an excellent summer indeed…