February 25, 2010

Bettie puts her right foot in...

Ok, now I know I promised to ease off with the icy taunts, but this is me we're talking about. And ice cream. So naturally that was a complete and utter lie. Hence, a quartet of beauties for your sensory titillation, and after last week's comments, I thought it only fitting that Bettie join us.

From top to bottom (or visa-versa, depending on how you roll), we have:

Coffee ice cream

Coffee ice cream, made with a particularly stunning S3 blend of Brazilians from Sensory Lab. Lusciously delicious, it was indeed plush-deluxe, and to my mind, one of the only times when having both milk and sugar in your coffee is acceptable.

Green apple sorbet

A Green apple sorbet that was refreshing, very appley (in a grassy kind-of way), and very very green. This had a more subtle allure than previous sorbets, but was still rather lovely, and matched particularly well with the following...

Cinnamon honey ice cream

This cinnamon honey ice cream was surprisingly intense, and dreadfully good. Coupled with the apple sorbet, you got a delightful summertime crumble, which was indeed a good thing.

And finally, at the request of Miss Rose, the hokey pokey.

Hokey pokey ice cream

I hate this ice cream. Not because it isn't fantandabulously delectable, but because I spent a great deal of time thereafter humming as to where I should put various parts of my body and sporadically turning around in circles. Not only is it very much not my style, it is also extraordinarily irritating, and while I should probably apologise, the more sinister part of me secretly hopes you are now doing the same...

What I do love about this ice cream, however, is the heavenly vanilla custard that serves as the base, and the discovery that making your own honeycomb is in fact dangerously easy. It is also quite possibly the best hokey pokey I've ever had.

And that's what it's all about...


Miss Rose said...

Nice strategic placement of the cinnamon honey icecream! Looks good enough to eat! Ewwww!!!! (not that there's anything wrong with that...). Plushe-deluxe indeed! The Small Man will be pleased! Mwah!

lauren said...

can i have this for breakfast? like, now?