April 7, 2010

Sorry, didn't see you there...

I know, sorry, it has indeed been a while, and I’m afraid there’s no glamorous or exotic excuse.  We’ve just been busy, I’ve been distracted, and any baking to be had has been more a repeat visitation of previous endeavours than anything particularly worth writing home about.  So just to reassure you that we’re still here and haven’t forgotten you, here is a quick update on what’s been going on…

The advent of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival saw us venture out for our annual pork-tastic overindulgence

La Luna Bistro

Followed in quick succession by a south-side initiation into duck-fest:

Miss Rose grew herself a pumpkin…

Then as for baking, our Easter bun extravaganza was followed by an exploration of the spiced stout bun to great affect, and the most wondrous discovery that our spiced ginger beer bun interpretation has resulted in TPB’s hottest buns yet

 Spiced stout buns

Spiced ginger beer buns

Sticking with the spice theme, there’s been pie and biscuits…

 Spectacular Speculaas

My dear little natural starter has not been forgotten, and continues to fuel much doughy experimentation…

 Rye sourdough with caraway seeds

And while the iced treats have been given a bit of a rest lately, that hasn’t prevented the discovery of a couple of killer combinations in the form of blackberry rose geranium and lemon verbena sorbet:

 Lemon verbena sorbet

Oh, and did I mention we’ve now got our own busy-ness cards?

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