June 14, 2010

The year of the cake...

Well, it seems that 2010 is fast becoming the year of the celebration cake.  Two birthday milestones have already come and gone, and while we were happy with our efforts, it is the second half of the year that has us stressing.  You see, both Miss Rose and I have been independently asked to bake wedding cakes for two certain lovely ladies.  One in particular also stipulated that she would really rather like to see the build process, as it happened, via our blog.  Naturally, we're always happy to oblige.

Now, while one wedding is in August, the other in October, and both cakes are going to be very different, I did think it was important to differentiate between our two blushing brides-to-be.  Since I'm reasonably confident that neither will adopt the dreaded Bridezilla persona (I mean, they did ask us to do the cakes, so they can't be that fussy!) I've gone for the following alter-egos:

Bride #1 - Biollante
A Godzilla-Rose DNA hybrid, and dear friend to Miss Rose, to be wedded in August

Bride #2 - Mothra
A gorgeous country maiden, and somewhat of my sister-in-law, she's getting hitched in October


Mothra has requested a chocolatey number, so we won't be seeing much of that until later, but as Biollante has gone for the more traditional fruit cake approach, Miss Rose had to get cracking early.  Now I won't lie, chopping over eleven litres of dried and glace fruit is about as exciting as it sounds, but a request was made and we do so hate to disappoint.  And so for the Biollante bride, let the journey begin...