January 2, 2011


The latter half of 2010 has been a bit of a struggle for Team Pretty Bake, and due to various extenuating circumstances we haven't made it into the kitchen nearly as much as we would have liked. But with Christmas just around the corner, and the expectation of TPB hampers looming large we managed a quick festive session and once again turned out some tasty treats for our nearest and dearests.

Admittedly we were a little out of practice. Our timing wasn't quite as streamlined as it used to be and I forgot to photograph most things, but Miss Rose's ball handling skills were of their usual high standard, and it wasn't long before the laughter and lewd innuendo were back to their smutty best. We were, unfortunately, a little more business than pleasure this time and as such there are no great anecdotes with which to entertain you. So instead, I shall distract you with treats.

This year's hamper bounty included...

Stephanie Alexander's sesame & coriander dukkah

Greg Malouf's Baharat, Seafood or Lamb spice mix

Skye Gyngell's tomato & chilli jam

Ottolenghi Granola, naturally

Heidi Swanson's triple ginger cookies

Dan Lepard's stem ginger macaroons

While it's always a busy time, I love doing our little Christmas hampers. Not just for the fun of baking, or the joy of seeing people's faces as they rummage through to find out 'what else is in the bag?', but to be able to express my sincerest thanks to all the wonderful people in my life for whom I hold the greatest love and respect is really quite something. For all that we share, it is an absolute pleasure.

So as 2010 draws to a close, I would like to thank you all for sharing it with us and wish you (a somewhat belated) safe and happy holidays. We're looking forward to being around a little more in 2011, with many a treat so share, and we do hope you'll join us...

With love,
x Miss Emily

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chris said...

Thanks so much for the hamper Em! That seafood spice is amazingly yum!