February 7, 2011

Finding pleasure in simplicity...

I like it how change can alter your perspective; how a chance series of happenings will force you to stop, to think. How change can make you realise that by fighting so hard for so long to just keep life going you've distracted yourself from the things you once found important. How at times, it gives you the opportunity to rediscover some of the things that you still do...

Life, for me, has always been in the detail. It's not about fanfare or being seen as somebody in this world, rather it's quietly sharing what you do best, and finding pleasure in simplicity. It's about the way the curtains dance as a cool southerly brings relief from a long, hot week. About savouring the last pickings from the carcass of a once delectable baked fish, caught and shared by good friends. About catching up over coffee to talk about the things that don't matter, to smile, to laugh, and to just be.

It's about every once in a while taking the time to just stop. To enjoy a long, cleansing run as the sourdough loaves prove.

Wholegrain spelt sourdough

To get stuck in to a good book as a shoulder of meat slowly braises in the oven.

To forget, if but for a moment, all the worries and fears that life holds and to just let it all go so you can genuinely enjoy the pleasures of a splendidly simple meal shared in equally pleasurable company.

 Slow-braised pork shoulder with pumpkin sweet potato mash, greens, and gravy

To find a little moment of content...

Fresh berry and mascarpone cream tarts

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