April 17, 2011

Easter standards...

Despite the installment of a mundane albeit slightly less hazardous new floor, kitchen TPB has been a little quiet of late owing to my partaking in a few fun runs about town. But with Easter just around the corner, well, we all know what that means...

The buns are back!

I tried working in a little sourdough this year but could have done more, and the spices were shamefully light on so we're definitely not yet up there with the hottest of the hot. Even so, nothing quite beats hot buns fresh from the oven:

And they're pretty fine toasted, too.

And while I'd been hoping to commit Easter sacrilege with a little bunny action, after today's efforts and owing to time and energy constraints, a spot of rabbit feed seemed slightly more appropriate:

Nothing says post-run exhaustion like a photo montage!

These luscious little wholemeal carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are a lovely take on a classic combination that will no doubt go down a treat with all the weary runners at work tomorrow, and something I highly recommend trying. Simple. Easy. Delicious.

Happy Easter everyone.

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