May 8, 2011

Super natural...

If you have even the slightest interest in food blogs, you'll no doubt have heard of Heidi Swanson and her delicious 101 cookbooks. And if your interest extends beyond more than just the cursory perusal you will also be aware that over the last few months the culinary blogosphere has been going absolutely crazy for her new book, Super Natural Every Day... and with good reason.

The recipes in Super Natural Every Day focus on using natural, whole foods which means they're not only more interesting, but better for you. And by working to highlight the flavours of a few in-season ingredients, each dish is as simple to prepare as it is delicious.

So instead of starting the day with some old-fashioned oatmeal there's creamy lemon-zested bulgur wheat with coconut milk, poppy seeds and toasted almonds:

A wholesome lunchtime salad is made more interesting by the unlikely combination of farro, kale, toasted coconut and sesame:

 And your sweet treats can still be enjoyed with the likes of these luscious wholemeal ginger cookies with dried apricots and cacao nibs:

Super natural. Super delicious.

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