June 26, 2011

Have legs, will travel...

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited by the delightful Misses C & J to do dinner. You see, Miss J had a craving for pork, Miss C had a recipe in mind, and as luck would have it, I had the meat courtesy the delectable Greenvale Farm. And so come Saturday, it was all teams go.

On the menu was pulled pork, and while admittedly I did rather thwart our intentions by providing the wrong cut of meat for the time we had available, it was still one of the tastiest roast pork rolls imaginable.

Pulled pork is an American barbecuing tradition that uses a crazy-good spice rub to create one of the world's top sambo combinations. After marinating your meat in said spices:

Simply take your slow-cooked, spicy, smoky pork:

And stick in a white roll with some crispy, crunchy coleslaw...


The following day, as I'm want to let any meaty goodness go to waste, the product of my attempts at novice butchery were turned in to a pea and ham soup of sorts:

And since we're well and truly in the midst of citrus season, it seemed only wise to go with orange, cardamom and pistachio cake for this week's treats:

The cake itself was already reasonably lush, but following a recent trip to the divine B&P there seemed no better place for their heavenly passionfruit curd than right here...

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