June 13, 2011

Shepherds tend sheep...

Inevitably real life was always going to get in the way of a good blog, and as is bound to happen from time to time, things have been a little quiet here of late. As such, since I've been distracting myself from the realities of life with a few extracurricular indulgences, the kitchen shenanigans had unfortunately fallen into a (needfully) functional rut, and were most certainly nothing to write home (or indeed blog) about.

 Melbourne International Jazz Festival

déjeuner exquis at Loam restaurant

Post-training brunch at Three Bags Full cafe

Sweet treats from the delectable Burch & Purchese

But after a few weeks of soups to freeze down and the odd dinner out with family and friends, it was back to the kitchen with a need for some slightly more interesting winter comforts. For some time I'd had a hankering for shepherd's pie, and after opting for the Bourke Street lamb, chickpea and eggplant filling, you can most certainly colour me sated.

Shepherd's pie with eggplant, lamb, chickpea and greens

Now, I realise it's been an extraordinarily long time since I've offered a useless foodie fact, so it may not interest you to know that, whereas I thought the difference between a cottage and shepherd's pie was that the former had a pastry base, it is in fact, rather simply, that shepherd's pie is made from lamb, a cottage pie, from beef. Huh. 

For sweets, comfort came from our favourite cook's companion in the form of a delightful pistachio and yoghurt cake.

How I've not made this before, I do not know, as it was an absolute treat, with a batter so luxurious you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a souffle. Particularly when you happen to slightly over-fill one of your tins...

Pistachio and yoghurt cake

But despite appearances it did keep it's sponge-like air, presented with a beautifully moist crumb, and, served with a small dollop of cream and stewed plums, was just perfect.



Troy said...

Y.U.M.M.O. Im embarrassed im about to be delivered with dominos pizza. do you know what dominos is?

Anonymous said...

I see you are taking to the 'Burnt' sprouts Em. Delish

Melissa said...

Love your filling for shepherds pie. Certainly puts the one I made this evening to shame as it's known as 'leftovers' shepherds pie which basically means I put all the veges from the fridge that are just shy of heading to the compost in with minced lamb. Might give yours a try next week :)