August 29, 2011

Blood lunch

It's been a while and like many, we appear to have been suffering from the usual complaint that life gets in the way of life. But as the shackles of winter begin to break and we slowly venture out to cavort in the pleasures of spring we are once again reminded that it pays to make time for the things that we love, in which we delight, and that make us smile.

Thankfully the much-anticipated arrival of two travellers from afar means I will be doing a great deal of this over the next week, and I couldn't think of a more splendid way to start the proceedings than by sharing a few meltingly-good beef cheeks with my genetically nearest and dearest.

In my family, this, is how we lunch...

Hello kitchen, m'dear. It's been far, far too long...

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Anonymous said...

MMMMMM Cheeky!!!