October 25, 2011


A few weeks ago I got talking to someone about what we bakers get up to around Christmas, and about the little hampers that TPB do.

About how, when it comes to foodie gifts, it's important to select things that can be prepared in advance...

jams, granola, spice mixes, vanilla extract
Or things that require only a few key ingredients and can be whipped up in a flash...
Things that can easily be made en masse...
And about how we tend to go a little overboard in the process...
 We discussed how Christmas can mean many things to many people, but that for me it's the opportunity to do something that I enjoy for the people I love, which holds the most meaning.
She agreed, penned some very kind words, and showed me how lovely what I bake can look when there's someone talented behind the lens.
She also shared some of the delightful treats others prepare come Christmas-time, so do head on over and have a read. If you prefer print copy then you'll enjoy the delights of those delicious treacle pecan caramels, while fans of online will find themselves privy to the recipe for our highly coveted vanilla extract.

It's often quite humbling to hear people's thoughts about TPB. Admittedly we may set ourselves rather high standards, but to me it's nothing particularly special, it's just what I do, and I take it simply as a privilege to be able to share it with you all, so thanks for continuing to pop by.
Happy baking!

October 17, 2011

A snack, to help tide you over...

Beach huts - Brighton

It so happens, at times, that things get away. Blink, and a month's flitted by. You feel as though you've been absent. But when you think back on the times when you've ridden out of town to make the most of a glorious spring day,

Hampton pier

stopped by a new cafe or two,

The Little Ox


let someone else make lunch,

Pint of Milk

and run a half marathon or three, you realise that, in fact, it hasn't been that quiet at all.

There has still been savouries and sweets for workplace afternoon teas,

White bean spread with rosemary & toasted almonds
  Bourke Street Bakery's luxurious carrot cake

some weekday quick-fixes to welcome the pleasures of spring,

pork costolette with cabbage & pancetta

pumpkin, asparagus, basil

and even a spot of experimental, sugar-free baking for the curiously inclined.

Sometimes, how busy something is, really just depends on how you look at it...