December 17, 2011


The plan this year was to be selfish. I've always wanted a white Christmas, and having arranged to head off and enjoy exactly that, I had every intention of sneaking away for my frosty respite and taking a break from the annual Yuletide baking juggernaut. But to forgo sharing gifts for want of a little self-indulgence is neither the spirit of Christmas nor TPB, and since custom now comes with expectation, I was also loathe to disappoint. Hence, in keeping with tradition, the midnight oil was well and truly burned and both ends of the candle were lit as the annual TPB Christmas hampers rolled out.

Without time for the customary jammin', the theme was quintessentially traditional, with all manner of baked goods assembled. There was seeded granola or fig and nut muesli to get you through the morning.


these rather charming olive oil and black pepper caramels,


and some honeycomb, by request, for the sweet-tooth's.


Cookie craver's were catered for with these delightfully delicate orange almond butter biscuits,

some traditional spiced Speculaas,


and for the savoury option, Parmesan biscuits,


And since I would be missing the annual Blood family mince pie-off, there were pies for everyone this year.

It was a nice little collection of goodies,

and whilst restrictions of time and geography meant I could not get them to as many of my nearest and dearest as I wished, knowing I would be hand delivering S&S's first ever parcel of festive treats was pretty exciting indeed.

So as it's now time to depart for snowy shores I will bid you adieu. Whatever your holidays hold may you be safe and happy, your days filled with love and laughter, and your time spent enjoying good food in good company. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing whatever life brings with you in the New Year.

Merry Christmas.

December 11, 2011

The mighty crustholder...

It's now less than two weeks until Christmas and with the requisite yuletide baking well and truly underway, I'm afraid you'll see little else on offer from the TPB kitchen this month. But the weather today was shabby, and what with a gift I'd been wanting to use for some time and the recent arrival of mum's first apricots at my door, there seemed nothing else for it but pie.

Admittedly the use of a pie bird with such a delicate soft crust pastry was probably unnecessary, and I may have gone slightly overboard in covering the little chap up, but my decision to use my Falcon enamel rather than something more appropriately sized did not detract from the fact that it was still absolutely delicious. Mmmmm, pie...

"...Oh wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the king?..."