April 7, 2012

Day bake...

The beginnings of April brought with it the luxury of a long weekend, and with this promise of a few days respite from the daily grind came a touch of excitement in the knowledge that the weekly bake night would at last be conducted during daylight hours. I've had a fine time trialling new recipes of late, and this week was no exception when it came to finding some promising new delights.

Aside from the requisite chocolate salted caramel tarts I discovered these gorgeous little lemon meringue cupcakes,

Hugh's wickedly rich chocolate peanut butter brownies,

A nice little way to combine cupcakes and cheesecakes,

And another winning gluten-free option in these scrumptious banana and coconut muffins.

Of course, when you're trying new ideas things don't always go to plan, and while this coffee poppy seed cake was a beautiful combination of flavours and textures,

Had I paid proper attention to the sugar content I perhaps would have realised that switching it from a large cake to delicate glazed tea cakes wasn't necessarily going to turn out so well.


Had it been an abject failure I could have coped, but such disasters are all the more disappointing when despite ultimate aesthetic destruction the taste remains positively wondrous. Not wanting to waste such a tasty combination it was therefore time to play frugal, and knowing there can be only one solution to such a predicament I did what any good, self-respecting habitual baker would do - I made trifle.

As it turned out I was somewhat lacking in resources, but one should never let the absence of a few key ingredients get in the way of a good dessert, and so I also managed to discover that coffee-laced coconut milk creme anglaise isn't actually all that bad...

So with crisis averted and some excellent new finds in the cabinet it was another new and exciting tasty treat-filled week, but of course it wouldn't be a proper Easter weekend baking montage without the requisite reference to TPB's dazzlingly hot buns, now would it?

Happy Easter everyone!

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