June 9, 2012

Coast to coast...

Thanks to a rather well placed work conference I recently had the opportunity to travel Stateside and enjoy my first ever visit to the constitutional republic. There was, naturally, both fun and sightseeing aplenty, but as far as TPB is concerned, it was all about the food...

First stop, San Francisco, and while work took priority there was still ample opportunity to explore the burgeoning cafe scene of this delightful city, which included: Four Barrel, Ritual, Sight Glass and Blue Bottle.

Reservations, too, about an unhealthy and uninspiring fast food culture were left thoroughly unfounded as we enjoyed delicious breakfasts at Farm Table, Mexican in the Mission district, the paper-bib-worthy crab Cioppino at Sotto Mare, and some superb rustic urban fare at Nopa, among many others.


There was a very quick stop in Seattle before heading east, but being conveniently placed in Capitol Hill meant both Stumptown's were on our walking route, there were sliders downstairs at Barrio, and the (sadly only visual) delights of Pike Place Market were also just a short meander away.


And then, there was New York...

I don't think we even found the ocean, let alone the iceberg and its tip, but with five days and appetites to burn, we sure gave it a red-hot go.

For coffee there was Cafe Grumpy, Ninth Street, Ports, Third Rail and Stumptown.

Eats: Fatty Crab and Momofuku Ssam Bar.

Treats: People's Pops, Big Gay and Ample Hills CreameryMomofuku pretzel milkshakes and corn cookies; and the delectable Mast Brothers Chocolate.

And not in the least, delicatessen delights thanks to family Katz's, and Marlow and his sons and daughters.

Everything was fabulously fun, and while I can't wait to return and spend more time exploring all of the above destinations, after a couple of weeks out of the kitchen I'm also really looking forward to getting my bake back on. Although after all of that, I might have a coffee first...

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