July 22, 2012

Big fattee...

Sometimes there are recipes that you bookmark with the best of intentions, but as the list piles up they often get lost, and so you may or may not get around to making them... eventually. Then there are recipes, like this chicken fattee with rice, crispbread and yoghurt, that you read and are impelled to make as soon as humanly possible.

It may be a little bit fiddly. First, you need to roast a chicken, toast some pine nuts, and bake a few crispbreads.

Then there's the tomato sauce, an aubergine or two to fry, and some cinnamon-spiced rice with chickpeas to whip up.

But after you layer all of that up and sprinkle on a few finishing touches, what you get is an opportunity to share in a truly glorious meal that deserves to feature at the heart of any good feasting celebration.

Of course, if you are having a celebration then you're going to need cake, and it's pretty hard to go past one of life's favourite combinations in this ginger and pear upside-down cake.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the love..... that cake was sensational!