August 5, 2012

Sporting snacks...

Following the recent arrival of some much-anticipated titles I'd been itching to get in to the kitchen, and since there's been so much athletic endeavour gracing our screens of late it seemed only apt to pursue a little sport-watching fare. With some wintry days ahead my thoughts immediately turned to sausage rolls, and since there was some homemade puff all ready and waiting, I needed but a quick trip to the markets for some meaty supplies before I could bunker down as the miserable weather set in.

For me, sporting snacks need to be simple, and if you can source some exceptional sausages for said rolls then there's little more to do than throw in some onion, parsley and nutmeg before you have a delectable lunchtime treat.

That said, I couldn't resist stepping things up just a little and so, with the addition of a blanketing layer of jowl bacon, these flaky delights suddenly went from the delicious to the utterly sublime.

As an accompaniment I opted for a kale market salad, which offered a refreshingly crisp and tangy contrast, and will most certainly be revisited once avocados are back in season.

And of course, a simple Sunday supper wouldn't be complete without sweets, where it was difficult to go past this comforting baked treacle pudding before curling up with a pot of tea as the storm clouds rolled in.


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Anonymous said...

JOWL BACON!!!!!!!!!!! What were you thinking Emily?