October 28, 2012

It begins...

While I should probably issue a *spoiler alert* I think it's fair to say that when it comes to the TPB festive hamper we've never strayed far from the traditional, so you had to expect there'd be Christmas cakes coming sooner or later. What you may find surprising, however, is that I'd even dare mention such things when it's only October. I, too, find thoughts of Christmas at this time truly horrifying, but with recipes highlighting the importance of how much brandy I need to baste into these babies over the next 8-10 weeks it was certainly time to get cracking.

The fruit soak was started some weeks before, a delectable blend of the usual suspects left to macerate in a wee tipple or two until plump and sufficiently sozzled.

Then, today, it was time to start baking. A simple spiced batter to gently hold all that fruit together was quickly whipped up and the first batch are now ready to begin basting. 

Fingers crossed they're still looking this good come December...

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