December 22, 2012

Traditions: Merry Christmas

So it's that time of year when everyone starts getting merry, and for kitchen TPB that can mean only one thing - hampers! Having once again decided to spend the festive season abroad, this year it was all about time efficiency and doing things that would keep, and so to get some of the preparations done early I had my first crack at the traditional cake and Christmas pud.

There were some of Nat's beautiful gingerbread cookies,

Dan's fabulous cardamom peanut brittle,

some cheese and black pepper buttons, for that little bit of savoury,

all packaged up for loved ones near and far.

Unfortunately, though, I'll have to leave the deliveries up to my elves, as distant shores are calling and I must bid you adieu. May you have the grandest of Christmases, wherever you may be, enjoyed with much love and laughter in the company of family and good friends. Be safe, be merry, relax and have fun. Thank you for joining me on this year's adventures. I am so grateful for having you here with me, and look forward to sharing all manner of fabulous things with you in 2013.

Miss Emily xx


Scott Thomas said...

wish you a Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

ditto..... have the best yime!

Anonymous said...

I meant time!!