March 28, 2013

Midweek mayhem: Breakfast, lunch & jam

Time for midweek mayhem: round two, and a few new discoveries that have graced kitchen TPB of late.

This light and fresh green pear and birdseed bircher made for a nice start to those unseasonably hot autumn mornings.

My vegetables-as-pasta infatuation continued with some simple and satisfying Moroccan carrot ribbons with beluga lentils.

This kale rice bowl was a perfect way to enjoy the beginnings of a bumper kale crop and some red rice I'd been recommended to try.

A small glut of super-ripe figs were preserved down as this rather delectable fig and vanilla jam.

And with mum's spectacular blood plums at the height of their season, there was just time for a quick dimply plum cake and roasted carrot hummus with pita chips for my turn at staffternoon tea.

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