July 14, 2013

Midweek madness: a wintry hodgepodge

Unsettled times in kitchen TPB, so it's a random array of new delectations for you to devour this week. With the post-holiday blues well and truly in full swing there were some stubborn summer throwbacks with this fresh and speedy cauliflower couscous and some of Mr Lepard's yoghurt flatbreads with harissa honey chicken.

The couscous, as you'd expect, was refreshingly light, and while the flatbreads themselves do take some time, a little pre-week preparation and you'll have yourself some cracking supplies for sandwiches.

Staples were revisited with this sweet and spicy shakshuka, another favourite for those nights when you really can't be bothered and need something to help counter that gloomy winter chill.

A request to "bring snacks" led to the discovery of Mr Slater's wonderful green olive and parsley focaccia, which is not only delicious in it's own right but has a topping that works exceptionally well tossed through pasta.

And, having been struck down by a frustratingly stubborn malaise, there was also plenty of garlic- and ginger-packed homemade chicken broth poured over udon, salmon and greens. Now that's what I call a perfect sixteen minute supper.

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