December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas and Goodbye

If you were wondering why it's been a little quiet here of late I'm afraid I can offer little more than the usual December excuses. Life's been frantic, I've had lots of other commitments, and on the rare occasion I have managed to sneak in to the TPB kitchen there's been a rather dedicated focus on pre-Christmas baking.

There were those Christmas cakes that needed regular feeding.

And a few week-long efforts preparing mincemeat for everyone's favourite yuletide pies.

There was meant to be some beautiful, honey-scented torrone sardo, but despite a rather intensive stirring session it, quite disastrously, didn't set (turns out that experimenting with new recipes en masse while trying to pack and move house isn't the best idea).

So instead it was left to this sweet and spicy apricot and ginger panforte to help round out this year's hampered offerings.

Regretfully the TPB hampers won't be quite up there with previous efforts but there's been a lot going on in the background, and since there are some very big changes afoot it's time I let you know that the real reason for why it's been so quiet here is I've decided that, after five fabulous years, it's time to say goodbye to Team Pretty Bake.

Now don't panic, this isn't a proper end. All will become clear in due course, but for now let's just say that it's time to change tack and freshen things up.

Thank you for sharing in our adventures thus far. Through all its various iterations TPB has been an absolute riot, and while it feels a bit sad to be saying goodbye I'm looking forward to sharing with you a new (and, just quietly, pretty exciting!) project I've been working on early in the New Year. Plenty of excitement ahead, but as to what that involves? Well, you'd better just stay tuned...

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas, and much love and laughter for the coming New Year. 

Thank you, and goodbye.
Miss Emily xx


Blood Works said...

Thanks Em, it's been great salivating every time I read one of your posts. You are a gifted writer, photographer and baker. All the best for your next adventure. Much love, K

chris said...

Agreed, I'll miss seeing all these amazing treats. Happy Christmas and good luck for the next project!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I read your blog during the week while at work for weekend inspiration! I had wondered why things were a bit quiet - but beautiful photos as always in this post. The panforte looks beautiful !! Have a Happy Christmas and all the best with the next adventure! (PS please don't give up baking and photography)